You take care of running your business – we’ll take care of your Payroll requirements.

Direct Deposit – We can set up your account to provide direct deposit for your employee’s weekly or bi-weekly paychecks.

Track Vacation – We’ll monitor hours worked and keep track of accrued vacation time.

Sick Time – By monitoring hours worked, we’ll keep accurate records of accrued sick leave according to the standards set by your business.

Employment Handbooks – No Employee Handbook available? We’ll assemble one for use by your business, meeting all state and federal requirements.

IRS/EDD – Timely filings with the Internal Revenue Service and the Employment Development Department are a must, and we’ll make sure deadlines are met.

Communication – It’s important to keep your employees current on activities and changes to their payroll status. We’ll make sure notices get out per your needs and government requirements.

Payroll Reconstruction –  If you’ve lost or misplaced previous year’s payroll information, or need to correct an earlier report, we can help you reconstruct your missing records.